I should really update more often

2011-03-23 10:40:26 by RuaBriongloid

Maaaaan I haven't updated in a while!
Mah bad yo, But I've been busy with art class and all that funky jazz.
Shit's goin good though, I am Happy happy happy. Expect updates *I hope*

*edit* Also it's came to my attention from some friends that Rihanna has ripped off Dreams looks.
http://www.celebitchy.com/wp-content/u ploads/2010/10/rihanna2.jpg
Needless to say I'm kinda...feelin weird on this. Ever get worried that celebs come across your art or stuff you've done and rip you off?
People have said I've been INSPIRED by this woman when in fact, I created dream long before she did this look.

Also she can't sing worth a damn. Plus I personally look better with redhair with my pale skin. >:U BITCH BE COPYIN MAH STYLE!


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2011-03-23 13:28:34

I really like your Art.

RuaBriongloid responds:

Well thank yah very much~


2011-03-24 14:20:15

Your Welcome


2011-04-16 12:42:57

It's like a dream come true


RuaBriongloid responds:

lol thankfully I look exactly like dream so I'm good.