ReThink, Charity animations and Casts.

2011-01-30 16:11:19 by RuaBriongloid

ReThink, Time to end the Stigma of Mental Illness.
Ello thar~ Dream here <3
I'm making an annoucement regarding my next animation, There isn't going to be any jokes or anything this time around. I'm promoting my JTV channel as I'm going to broadcast myself gaming again but for a main reason which is to do charity runs, Basically meaning I will stay up for 72 hours, gaming and talking to people and having a bit of a giggle and a laugh and raising money for the charity ReThink.

Why does newgrounds have anything to do with this? Basically I want my voice heard, It is a known fact that among many communities such as Gaming and or Artistic have no tolerance for mentally ill members and it seems that ignorance spreads like wild fire.

I'm using the medium of animation to portray my story and to get people involved to come to the charity casts and play a part in stopping the extreme stigma that mental illness portrays.

I'm not some person who's trying to do good for the sake of well making myself look good. I am mentally ill, And I am not and refuse to be ashamed of that fact. It's sadly a common misconception that someone who is deemed mentally ill has no reasoning nor logic, is violent, is selfish and more.

This isn't true and it is not fair that this is common belief. I've lost people due to the fact I was too ashamed to face what I was and the fact that, even though others could see something was wrong, they choose to ostracize me and taunt and humilate me. Instead of doing the common decent thing of trying to make me realise something was wrong and get me help. Only one person did out of so many I've met, and I lost him forever because when you have something for ten years that people would rather fuel than extinguish it makes you do or say things that the real person inside would never do.

I'm not afraid to announce what I've been fully diagnosed with but that will be shown in the animation for the events and during the said events.

These animations and pictures that I will make will contain the date and time the casts will start so if you wish to show your support, show tolerance and stop the stigma, show up, make an account on jtv, have a great time. And it won't be just me sitting on webcam I can assure you, I've got a list of Games I'll be casting, such as Amnesia *which I haven't played yet* Silent hill series, Resident evil, Penumbra series.
Basically I'm going to get scared and shout and scream for 72 hours so it should be fun.

During the cast there will be a donation box down below the live feed if you wish to donate.

The Date and Time will be annouced on upcoming animations, I hope you enjoy them and enjoy the cast also!

My Justin TV Channel ~ Add to your favourites or sign up and follow!

~Dream / Nastashia xoxoxoxox


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