Entry #1

Animating Animations Across..er...dunno where I'm going with this.

2010-09-26 21:38:23 by RuaBriongloid

Sooooo, Finally came *that's what she said* to NG. Been told I should to give myself "Inspiration" for more animations in the future, but I'll tell yah something I do have something planned.
So I'm quite excited about that~
Hopefully I'll get to collab with people and stuff like that, although it's been along time since I've been part of the Flash community so it should be a good one. I hope everyone looks forward to my quirky little shorts and hell, maybe some fully animated movies, who knows right? <3

So keep up to date, And watch out, This little hair demon with a heart of gold will be taking over Newgrounds in no time~



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2010-09-26 21:58:23

Welcome to Newgrounds and have fun. Love your animations by the way.

RuaBriongloid responds:

Aww that's very sweet of you thank you~ <3


2010-09-26 21:58:45

i like the look of your art hope to see more of it!!!

RuaBriongloid responds:

You will I promise! <3 Thank you!


2010-09-27 03:22:52

Oh you just signed up?

Yeah I noticed your art in the portal only a few hours ago. Quite nice, I really enjoy your style of how you look at things.

RuaBriongloid responds:

Yeah I just signed up yesterday <3 Thank you very much that's very sweet of you darling~ <3


2010-09-27 06:35:54

Why , hello there ^.^

How you doooooooooin'?

RuaBriongloid responds:

Why helloo~ I'm fine why thank you <3